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Tunisian Lawyer

Dr. Brahim LATRECH International Lawyer & Legal Consultants master, Doctor in Law, ,is one of the pre-eminent “LEGAL PRACTITIONERS & CONSULTANTS “ in  Tunisia .Our Law Office  advise, assist or represent companies and individuals in matters of Law. Providing you with International Law and Tunisian Law offering the best Law Services.

We assure you at all times, the very best of our professional legal services .

Maritime Law in Tunisia

We offer both consultancy services and litigation work in the field of maritime law which pertains to the laws applied on the sea. This was and still constitutes a significant element of the economic life in Tunisia. Due to strategic geographical location of Tunisia with his five ports

This significant connection between Tunisia and the sea world requires focused and specialized readiness to offer our services in this field of law. We provide our clients with full legal coverage, in all matters related to maritime navigation; such as registering ships and their ownership rules, maritime mortgage provisions, ship arrest or ship release rules, regulating maritime work, providing maritime agents, general conditions for ship chartering, laying down the conditions for the goods transport contract, maritime carrier liability, defence of P& I Clubs or maritime insurer…  General Maritime Matters .

Our law Office has built a reputation in this field by providing precise, speedy and effective service to suit the needs of our clients, according to the provisions of the national as well as international agreements and contracts.

Real estate in Tunisia

Among the essential elements in our services is providing local and international real estate consultancy. The long and rich experience and the deep knowledge of our local and international work we offer to real estate companies has enabled us to handle projects of various sizes, from small to large scale, especially the external real estate investments. We have developed our practices in this field, so as to provide an integrated service to our clients; starting from offering consultancy, issuing ownership documents, mandatory local registrations and all matters related to property laws and rent laws.

Intellectual Property Laws (Copy Right, Patents & Trade Mark) in Tunisia

Our Law Office provides distinguished services in matters of Intellectual Property viz; Trade Marks, Copyrights, Patents, Industrial Designs, Trade Secrets and unfair competition. Our work team offers to protect the fruits of our clients intellect. Today the scope of Intellectual property protection is not just limited to the traditional scope of Patent, Trademark & Copyright, but has widened its dimensions to cover domain names, Integrated Circuits, Semi Conductor Chips, databases, software programs, trade secrets etc.Through our dedicated team work, we constantly keep pace with the on going developments and changes in Intellectual Property laws, both in Tunisia and the international arena.

  Family Law in Tunisia

Family raises more and more international issues: Divorce, child custody, inheritance, adoption, and many others, need specific knowledge and experience to be solved. You need to know which court has jurisdiction. You also need to know which law applies. Choose Dr. Brahim LATRECH a Law Office dedicated to International Family Law.

Foreign Investment in Tunisia & Acquisitions, in Tunisia

Given the growing global business interactions between Tuniisia and the world, Our Law Office specialized in providing all the necessary legal support for the new comers to Tunisia to establish a new business and to find the right partners or commercial agents.


- Starting a Business                       - Dealing with Licenses                       - Employing Workers

- Registering Property                    - Getting Credit                                   - Protecting Investors

- Paying Taxes                                - Trading Across Borders                    - Enforcing Contracts

- Closing a Business

Civil Law in Tunisia

We enjoy a prominent position in the field of civil law. The services offered to our distinguished clients, whose legal requirements range from real estate to many of the civil law aspects such as selling, buying, mortgage, grant and other matters.We offer a wide range of international service to our clients in connection with their legal inquiries.

Arbitration & dispute resolution

We assist our local and international clients to solve disputes effectively whether through arbitration or early mediation. The Commercial Reconciliation and Arbitration System is considered as a favored procedure than raising a case at the Court due to the relatively quick decision taking, less cost and the simplicity of procedure, besides keeping the friendly relations between the parties concerned.

Corporate & commercial law

Corporate law

We believe that averting legal conflicts is better than having to settle them in a legal procedure. This is why we actively think along with our clients in planning and executing legal situations from their daily practice. This may concern the establishment, transfer or liquidation of a company. We try to anticipate legal pitfalls. In this way, we take good care of legal matters, we are able to react quickly to legal issues and we can avert legal procedures.

We support and give advice to companies with regard to:

·         Choosing the legal form of a company

·         Registration of companies, partnerships, subsidiaries, branches, representative offices of local and foreign entities

·         Questions on the subject of legal entities or different kinds of partnerships

·         Drawing up the necessary organizational documents for a company or a partnership

·         Preparing the necessary documents for the changes in the organizational structure of companies, change of the registered address, shareholders

·         Liquidation of a company, bankruptcy law and insolvency

·         Legal aspects of corporate finance

We aim to provide businesses with legal services that are easily accessible, rapid and usable in the daily practice.

Commercial law

Our commercial law practice deals with a wide variety of legal services, including:

·         International trade (sale of goods, agency, distribution and franchise)

·         Drafting commercial agreements

·         Representing clients in business transactions, negotiations

·         Consumer protection

·         Product liability issues

·         Transport law

·         Registration issues connected with trademarks and company names

·         Drafting empowering documents - representations,commercial powers of attorneys

·         Licenses, permits, registration with tax and other relevant governmental organizations




Tunisian shipping Lawyer


We are a Tunisian Law Office practising predominantly in the field of Maritime and Admiralty law and associated commercial matters. Our Law Office Has built a reputation  in this field by providing precise , speedy and effective services to suit the needs of our clients, according to the provisions of the national law  as well as  international agreements and contracts .  Our clients include shipowners and charterers operating all types of vessels in all trades and marine industries, oil companies, shippers and receivers of bulk, break bulk, heavy lift and containerized cargoes, government bodies, hull and machinery underwriters, shipyards and ship financiers , P& I clubs ,....

 Our services include legal advice and support in these areas: Charterparty Disputes- Cargo Claims -Collision, Salvage and General Average- Trade Finance and Letters of Credit - Arrest of ships – Ships release – Oil pollution -Shipbuilding and ship repair - Insurance disputes -Offshore oil and gas -Ship sale and purchase -Commercial shipping -Fisheries management and regulation -Yacht racing rules and protests -regulating maritime work - providing maritime agents ,defence of P& I Clubs or maritime insurer . We assure you at all times, the very best of our professional legal services.

Dr.Brahim LATRECH International Lawyers & Legal Consultants master, Doctor in Law, is one of the pre-eminent “LEGAL PRACTITIONERS & CONSULTANTS “ in Tunisia . he has practised most exclusively in all aspects of maritime & shipping law and marine insurance.



Tunisian Lawyer

 Tunisian Lawyer

Lawyer under Tunisian law



Lawyers in Tunisia practise under the title: avocet. They may be registered either as lawyers pleading before the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court.

In order to practise as an avocat in Tunisia, an individual must be registered in the table of avocats. Registration requires an individual:

1.To have held Tunisian nationality for at least 5 years;

 2. To be resident in Tunisia;

 3. To be between 20 and 50 years of age;


5. To hold a CAPA (certificat d'aptitude à la profession d'avocat) from the Institut Superieur de la profession de l'avocat (those holding the title of professor of law from a Tunisian or foreign university may gain an exemption from this requirement);

 6. To have no criminal record,  never to have been declared bankrupt or to have had his/her registration cancelled for disciplinary reasons;

7. To have fulfilled all legal requirements for national service.  If newly qualified, the lawyer is first entered as a trainee lawyer for one year during which time he/she can only plead in lower courts and cannot establish his own firm. After one year, he/she may apply to be entered on the roll as a lawyer with the right to plead before the Court of Appeal. A lawyer with at least 10 years professional experience, at least eight of which have been spent as a lawyer with the right to plead in front of the Court of Appeal may apply to become a lawyer with the right to appear before the Sup.